Why did I start a blog?

About halfway through my second year of design school I began to hear more and more about this thing called VR. To be honest, my interest was a bit odd. I wouldn't say that I self-identify as a nerd, nor do I really think of myself as a technophile, all of which – though not required – are pretty useful if you want to work in immersive technology. But there was something in the air in Seattle. And I wanted to get more of it. 

I could sense that there right now were are experiencing a confluence of factors. VR hardware is rapidly reaching the potential of the medium; there is capacity in this increasingly tech-oriented city; and a community (one that is overwhelmingly about mutuality and support) is being built around the possibilities that are daily becoming.


Above is a screen grab of the first scene I built in Unity. It is absolutley nothing special. I followed along in class, inputting the parameters to build out the shapes and copied and pasted code into Mono Developer. I randomly selected colors. But, when I built the file, and put on the VIVE headset I knew I had the most stupid, joy-filled grin on my face. It was magic. The decision to make the floor illuminated...? My decision, and it looked totally awesome. 


Over the next few months I will be doing my best to keep track of my progress on a few VR projects I am working on. One is a collaboration with a few artists on an interactive 360 video. The other is a design concept for basic CPR training in VR. 

My hope is that Messworthy Thoughts blog will be a way to publicly thank the support and guidance given to me by this amazing community and a way to record my thinking.


And perhaps it will at some point serve useful to other #UXinVR designers out there. 

Special thanks to continued inspirations in this journey: Ryan Boudinot (fellow Greener who's writing serves as aspirational material in quality and quantity); Adrienne Hunter (UX/VR shero of mine); Eva Hoerth (your untiring organizing and love of this community is truly a paradigm shift); Abhigyan (AK) Kaustubh (for making a blog pact with me); and always, my beloved partner Ari.